Lost Cushion

*August 2018/LC.[whereabouts records, Japan]


*December 2016/homework - year 1 / V.A.[taâlem, Belgium]

*November 2016/vijftien années / V.A.[taâlem, Belgium]

*February 2014/Mizukage Records Compilation Vol.10[Mizukage Records, japan]

*April 2010/Interzone[rhizome21, france]

*October 2009/Naoshimabox[taalem, france]

*October 2009/jule[taalem, france]

*May 2007/I want to rock and roll all night and party everyday[tamtam&highhat]

*May 2007/Par volontè et par hasard[P-chan Records]

*April 2007/V.A. CONNECT[YAMAHA/cinra]

*March 2007/Yalta Talks[tamtam&highhat]

*June 2006/Portfolio for K[tamtam&highhat]

*January 2006/V.A / tagesanbruch[critical path]

*April 2005/cinra-magazine vol.5[cinra]

*January 2005/cinra-magazine vol.4[cinra]

*December 2004/Acoustic Texture[ae]

*January 2004/V.A.Cult-Company[cult-company]

daisuke miyatani ensemble

*October 2013/daisuke miyatani ensemble/utsuroi

*March 2013/g9[38ch]

■Myth Folklore

*January 2012/Myth Folklore[disk union]

Hula Hooper

*March 2009/Fall Is For Lovers(phrow-magazine , U.S.)

*May 2008/FUCK ANYTHING THAT BLOOMS (Jim Made A Mix Tape! , U.S.)

*April 2008/good morning good evening (creation-centre, U.S.) PRESS REVIEW

*January 2008/schole vol.4 (schole, Japan)

*November 2007/MR NO MUSIC podcast ONE (neojaponisme, U.S.)

*October 2007/ Toushi-Zuhou(MiMi records, Portugal)


*November 2009/ R.U.R(cinra records, Japan)